Supported Hitachi storage systems

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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All NAS Platform Series 4000, and NAS Platform Series 5000 storage servers support storage systems manufactured exclusively by Hitachi Vantara. Supported storage systems are dependent on server series and models, which are listed as follows:
  • If a storage system is listed in the Currently Supported Offerings column for the specified Hitachi NAS Platform server model, it is properly recognized and effectively managed by the servers.
  • Systems not appearing in the supported list may be recognized by the server, but normal server functionality is limited and may result in data availability or system stability issues. Refer to the system event log or trouble report for information.
  • Unsupported storage systems must never be connected to Hitachi NAS Platform servers.
Server Series Server Model Currently Supported Offerings Notes
  • NAS Platform Series 4000
For the NAS Platform Series 4000:
  • 4060
  • 4080
  • 4100

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VSP G200, VSP G350, VSP G370, VSP G400, VSP G600, VSP G700, VSP G800, VSP G900, VSP G1000, VSP G1500, VSP F1500, VSP F200, VSP F350, VSP F370, VSP F400, VSP F600, VSP F700, VSP F800, VSP F900, VSP 5100, VSP 5200, VSP 5500, VSP 5600, VSP 5100H, VSP 5200H, VSP 5500H, VSP 5600H, VSP E590, VSP E790, VSP E590H, VSP E790H, and VSP E990  
NAS Platform Series 5000 For the NAS Platform Series 5000:
  • 5200
  • 5300
same as above, plus

VSP E1090, VSP E1090H

NAS Platform Series 4000 4040

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VSP G200, VSP G400, VSP G600, VSP G800, VSP G1000, VSP G1500, VSP F1500, VSP F200, VSP F400, VSP F600, VSP F800  
  • For external storage virtualized using the Universal Volume Manager (UVM), consult the current UVM matrix for supported storage systems.
  • All currently supported Hitachi Vantara storage systems support RAID levels 1, 5, 6, and 10.