Viewing data migration rules

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The Data Migration Rules page lists all existing rules and provides for editing or removal of selected rules and creation of new rules.

Data migration rules are used in conjunction with data migration paths to form data migration policies.

Navigate to Home>Storage Management>Data Migration Rules to display the Data Migration Rules page.

The following table describes the fields on this page:

Item/Field Description
Name The name given when the rule is created. It is used to identify the rule when creating or configuring policies.
Type The type of data migration that this rule can be used for.
Description A description of the rule to help identify the criteria to be applied.
In Use by Policies The check box is filled when a rule is being used by one or more policies.
details Click for a selected migration rule to display its complete details.
add Click to create custom rules that will define the criteria by which the files will be migrated.
remove Click to remove one or more existing rules.
Add by Template Click to create simple rules using predefined templates.
Policies and Schedules Goes to the Data Migration Policies and Schedules page. New policies and schedules can be created there.
Data Migration Cloud Accounts Goes to the Cloud Accounts and Destinations page. New cloud accounts and destinations can be created there.
Data Migration Paths Goes to the Data Migration Paths page. New paths can be created there.
Once created, do not change a data migration rule without verifying that it is not used by existing policies, as such changes might result in unintentional changes to existing policies.