Modifying a data migration policy

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can modify a data migration policy in the NAS Manager.

  1. Navigate to Home > Storage Management > Data Migration.
  2. Select the policy to modify and then click details to display the Modify Data Migration Policy page.

    The following table describes the fields:

    Item Description
    Policy Identification Name of the data migration policy.
    Migration Path The specified data migration path to be used by the migration (or reverse migration) policy.

    This section allows you to modify the rules (the criteria) that the files must match/meet in order to be migrated (or reverse migrated) according to this policy.

    Available Rules Rules with specific threshold limits are displayed here. This list of rules define the set of conditions which trigger the migration/reverse migration. You can:
    • Add a Pre-condition to the Selected Rules list by selecting it and clicking the right arrow (>).
    • Remove a rule from the Selected Rules list by selecting it and clicking the left arrow (<).

    This policy will be run either according to a defined schedule, or when started manually. Once the policy is run, the threshold specifies when the selected rules are applied. You can specify that the selected rules will be applied when either of the following conditions are met:

    • When the primary file systems free space falls below X% (set the percentage level for the condition).
    • When other conditions are not met. These conditions are defined in the selected rule(s).

    After selecting rules and the threshold, save the policy by clicking OK.

    Selected Rules

    Displays the rules containing the criteria/conditions to be used to determine if a file should be migrated. The criteria in the rules are applied when the threshold (when condition specified in the Available Rules section) is met.

    (To create rules, see Data Migration Rules) Advances to the Data Migration Rules page, which allows you to create rules.
  3. Make updates as necessary.
  4. Click OK.