Viewing data migration policies and schedules

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Having created both data migration paths and data migration rules, data migration policies can now be created. Policies assign a rule or set of rules to a specific data migration path. They also define the conditions that initiate data migrations.
To view data migration policies, navigate to Home > Storage Management > Data Migration to display a list of policies and schedules.

The following tables describe the fields on this page:

Item/Field for Policies Description
Name Name of a data migration policy.

Primary EVS from which the migration originates.

Primary File System

Files in the primary file system or virtual volume that will be migrated.

Secondary File System

Secondary file system, to which all data will be migrated to.

Note: If the path to the secondary file system is an external path, the name or IP address of the server hosting the secondary file system is also displayed in parentheses. The displayed server name/IP address is a link, and you can click the link to display the full path.

Rules that can be triggered in this migration policy.

details Displays the details for the selected policy.
add Advances to the Add Data Migration Policy page.
remove Deletes the selected migration policy.
Data Migration Rules Advances to a page where all the configured data migration rules will be displayed. New rules can be created here as well.
Data Migration Cloud Accounts Advances to the Cloud Accounts and Destinations page.
Data Migration Paths Displays the configured data migration paths. New paths can be created as well.
NDMP Configuration Advances to a page where the NDMP can be configured by entering the username, password, and NDMP version number.
Item/Field for Schedules Description

Policy Name/Schedule ID

Displays the name given to the Data Migration Policy
EVS Displays the primary EVS from where the migration is scheduled to originate.
Next Run Displays the month, date, year and time for the next scheduled data migration run for this policy.
Migration Type
Displays the type of data migration that has been scheduled to run:
  • Migrate files (followed by only once, daily, or weekly depending on the selected scheduled type).
  • Simulate migration - Generates a one-time report of files that would be migrated. Does not actually migrate files.
  • Report migrated files - Generates a one-time report with a list of previously migrated files. This migration type only applies to WFS/HNAS and not Data Migrator to Cloud.
Last Status Displays the final status of the last run of the data migration operation.
details Displays the current settings for the selected schedule.
add Advances to the Add Data Migration Schedule page.
remove Deletes the selected migration policy.
run now Starts the scheduled data migration immediately.
Stop Migration(s) Click the Stop Migrations link to stop a selected, in-process migration. Only migrations in progress can be stopped.
Data Migration Status & Reports

Advances to a page where all the completed migration runs will be listed in detail.