Configuring Data Migrator to Cloud

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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To use Data Migrator to Cloud, you must define the following:

  • An established network route. See the Network Administration Guide for details.
  • Cloud account.
  • Cloud destination.
  • Cloud path, which defines the relationship between primary storage and to the cloud destination to which data will be migrated.
  • Data migration rules, which define the properties of files that will be migrated.
  • Data migration policies, which define rules to apply to specific data migration paths based on the available free space on the source file system. Free space is the amount of unused space allocated to the file system (before it automatically expands, if automatic expansion is enabled for the file system).
  • Data migration schedules, which define when data migration policies are run.
Note: Data Migrator to Cloud is supported with the Virtual Secure Servers feature provided that the following two requirements are met:
  1. A cloud target is resolvable in a DNS server configured in Global Context.
  2. A route from the aggregate ports to the Cloud provider (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, S3 Cloud Object Storage or HCP) server exists on all nodes.
Note: For late-breaking Data Migrator to Cloud information, refer to the Release Notes.