Obtaining backups, diagnostics, firmware levels, and license keys

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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On the old server:
  1. If the server is online, using NAS Manager, navigate to Home > Server Settings > Configuration Backup & Restore, click backup, and then select a location to save the backup file.

    Ensure you save the backup file to a safe location off platform so that you can access it after the storage system is offline.

    The backup process performed by the embedded SMU will automatically capture both the SMU and server configuration files in one complete set.

  2. Navigate to Home > Status & Monitoring > Diagnostics download to download the diagnostic test results.

  3. Navigate to Home > SMU Administration > Upgrade SMU to verify SMU type and firmware release level.
    Both the server and SMU firmware versions must match those on the failed server; otherwise, the server cannot properly restore from the backup file.
  4. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > Firmware Package Management to verify the existing server (SU) firmware release level.

  5. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > License Keys to check the license keys to ensure you have the correct set of new license keys.