Preparing the old node for removal

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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Prepare the old node for removal before installing the new node.

  1. Backup the SMU.
  2. Backup the Node Registry.
  3. If the node that you are replacing is still running, login to the SMU GUI.
  4. Migrate EVSs to an alternate node.
  5. Shut down the node.
  6. Once the node is shut down, go to Home > Server Settings > Cluster Configuration and delete the entry for the node that you are replacing.
  7. Label the cables connected to each of the ports on the node, and disconnect the cables once they have been labelled. Ensure that you use dust covers where required.
  8. Remove the old node from the rack.
  9. Place the old node into the packaging that the new node was shipped in and mark it as a bad part.