Preparing the new node

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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Prepare the new node prior to installation.

  1. Obtain the HNAS Factory Reset code for the required level to be installed on the node.
  2. Complete a factory reset of the new node per the documented procedure in order to install the node at the desired code level.
  3. Run nas-preconfig on the node, entering the required information to allow BALI to start following a reboot of the new node.
    For the Admin EVS, enter a valid IP address that is available for use temporarily. Once this node is joined to the cluster this address will be removed and the existing Admin IP address in the cluster will be used.
  4. Ensure that the new node boots, and that you can connect to it via SSH and login to BALI.
  5. Use the CLI hport-wwn command to get the WWN information for the new node.
    Record the new WWN information for the new node.
    WWN Information
    WWN-Port 1
    WWN-Port 2
    WWN-Port 3
    WWN-Port 4