Installing the new node

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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You are now ready to install the new node.

  1. Physically rack the new node into the place of the old node.
  2. Connect the cables to the new node, according your labelling.
  3. Power up the new node and ensure that BALI loads again.
  4. If the customer is using SAN attached, and/or host group security, update this to reflect the changes that are being made to the WWN, as you documented previously in Preparing the node, step 5.
  5. Add the new node as a managed server on the SMU.
  6. From the drop down in the SMU, select the existing Cluster.
  7. Go into Home > Sever Settings > Cluster Configuration and click on AddCluster node.
  8. Complete the add cluster node wizard, selecting the new node which will appear in the selection box, and enter the supervisor password where prompted (the default is supervisor). Upon completion of the wizard, the new node will reboot and join the cluster.