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NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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The Hitachi NAS Platform 4040 server has a unique chassis. The other three models of the Hitachi NAS Platform Series 4000 server share the same chassis: Hitachi NAS Platform 4060, Hitachi NAS Platform 4080, and Hitachi NAS Platform 4100. Models HNAS 4060 and HNAS 4080 are physically identical. From outside of the chassis, model HNAS 4100 is identical to the HNAS 4060 and HNAS 4080 models--it shares the same ports and connectivity. However, internally, the model HNAS 4100 uses a different MMB and MFB than the HNAS 4060 or the HNAS 4080.

The software for all server models is pre-loaded on the replacement server before it is shipped from either the factory or depot location.

If for any reason the model selection does not match that which is required for replacement, then an upgrade process may be required in the field.

To upgrade a model HNAS 4060 to a model HNAS 4080, you add a license. You cannot upgrade a model HNAS 4060 or model HNAS 4080 to a model HNAS 4100.

In a HNAS 4080 cluster configuration, when the node joins the cluster, the node software automatically upgrades from HNAS 4060 to HNAS 4080.

The upgrade process is outside the scope of this document and documented separately. Contact Hitachi Vantara Support Connect for upgrade information.