Manually installing an embedded SMU (if necessary)

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

Part Number

HNAS 3080/3090 spare or replacement units are shipped without the embedded SMU installed.

The SMU software will need to be manually installed in the following case:
  • If the HNAS (all versions) is a spare/replacement and the field installer requires the embedded SMU to configure the replacement prior to adding to a cluster (or replacing a single node that has no external SMU). However, once added to the cluster, the embedded SMU should be uninstalled (smu-uninstall from the CLI of the newly added node). Note, when added to a cluster, the external SMU will disable the embedded SMU on the replacement node, but it is recommended to fully uninstall the embedded SMU.
  1. Obtain a copy of the SMUsetup .iso file and copy the file into /tmp
    scp /tmp/SMUsetup.iso
  2. As 'root' on the node:
    cd /tmp
    mount –o loop SMUsetup.iso /mnt/cdrom
    Note: SMU iso images can be downloaded from Support Connect.