Data protection precautions

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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To help ensure the protection of data and safe handling of equipment, follow these guidelines:

  • Each storage enclosure contains multiple removable hard disk drive (HDD) modules. These units are fragile so handle them with care and keep them away from strong magnetic fields.
  • All supplied plug-in modules and blanking plates must be in place to complete the internal circuitry and enable air to flow correctly around an enclosure.
  • Using the system for more than a few minutes with modules or blanking plates missing can cause an enclosure to overheat, leading to power failure and data loss. Such use may invalidate the warranty.
  • A loss of data can occur if a hard drive module is removed. Immediately replace any modules that are removed. If a module is faulty, replace it with one of the same type, of at least the same capacity and speed.
  • Always shut down the system before it is moved, switched off, or reset.
  • All storage enclosures are fitted with optical SFP transceivers. The transceivers that are approved for use with supported storage enclosures vary depending on the unit. The transceivers qualified for older systems might not be approved for use with the most current storage systems. To ensure proper operation of the server and the storage subsystems, use only the approved replacement parts for each system. See Hitachi Vantara Support Connect for technical details about replacement parts.
  • Maintain backup routines and do not abandon backup routines.