Resetting the battery age and restarting the chassis monitor

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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Reset the battery age and Restart the Chassis Monitor as necessary.

  1. Connect a serial cable to the serial port of the node with the new battery.
  2. Open a putty application and set up a serial console session.
    1. Select the Serial Radio button.
    2. Enter the COM port that your serial dongle is using.
    3. Enter 115200 in the Speed box.
    4. Click Serial in the Category Tree on the left.
    5. Make sure the Speed is 115200.
    6. Set the Data bits to 8.
    7. Set the Stop bits to 1.
    8. Set the Parity to None.
    9. Set the Flow Control to None.
    10. Click Session in the Category Tree on the left.
    11. Enter SMU serial (or similar) in the Saved Sessions box.
    12. Click Save.
  3. Turn on the putty session logging.
    1. Click Logging from the Category Tree on the left.
    2. Select Printable output in Session logging.
    3. Set the location for the putty output file.
    4. In the section What to do if the log file already exists, select Ask the user every time.
    5. Click Session from the Category Tree on the left, which returns you to the Session window.
    6. Click Save.
  4. Click Open to open the session to the Node console.
    1. Login as the manager user.
  5. Type the command ipaddr and verify that you are connected to the correct node.
  6. Perform ONLY ONE of the following procedures.
    • If the node firmware is below 11.1.3225.02, perform the following procedure:
    1. Type the command: new-battery-fitted --field --confirm
    2. Once the prompt returns, press: <ctrl>+d to exit to the Linux Layer.
    3. Type su to change the login to root and enter the root password.
    4. Restart the chassis monitor by issuing the command: /etc/init.d/chassis-monitor restart
    5. Type scc localhost to return to the NAS prompt.
    • If the node firmware is at or later than 11.1.3225.02 then perform the following procedure:
    1. Type the command new-battery-fitted --field --confirm
  7. Check the Battery Status.
    1. Type the command batt-log-show; the output should show that the battery is fitted and initialization has started.
    2. If the battery is not showing fitted or initialization does not start, call Customer Support for resolution.