Checking battery pack status

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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The battery pack status LED indicates the status of the server's NVRAM battery pack.

Table. Battery pack status LED
LEDs Meaning

If this LED is on immediately after installing a new battery pack, it indicates that an initial battery charging and conditioning cycle is in progress. The initial battery conditioning takes approximately 24 hours, and the LED will turn off after the cycle is complete.

If this LED is on during normal operation (not after installing a new battery pack), either the battery has exceeded its two year life or a problem has been detected. Check the battery status before determining any service operation.


Normal operation.

Figure. Battery pack status LED location

Battery-related events are recorded in the server’s event log. Other battery-related information is also saved in a battery status log. These logs, along with the server’s event log, are useful in monitoring the state of the battery.

Turning the battery status LED off can require one or more of the following steps. Try the steps in the following order:

  1. Perform a battery pack test cycle. To begin the test cycle, do the following:
    1. Access the server CLI.
    2. Issue the following Linux command: touch /var/opt/chassis-monitor/.testbatterynow
  2. Remove and reinstall the battery pack.
  3. If the battery is still having problems, replace the battery pack. (A new battery pack is required.)