Server rear panel - models 4060, 4080, and 4100

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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The rear panel of these server models features numerous ports, connectors, switches, and LEDs.

Note: Except for the ports and connectors described in the following figures, none of the other ports or connectors should be used without guidance from Hitachi Vantara Support Connect.
Figure. Server rear panel components for models HNAS 4060, HNAS 4080, and HNAS 4100

Item Connectivity Quantity Description
1 Clustering ports 10 GbE (SFP+) 2
For cluster management and heartbeat, connect to:
  • Two way configuration: Connect to corresponding cluster server ports (top port to top port and bottom port to bottom port).
  • N-way configuration: Connect to 10 GbE switch.
2 10 GbE network ports (SFP+) 4 Connection to external Ethernet data network .
3 8 G FC storage ports (SFP+) 4 Connection to disk arrays or (where present) to the FC switches.
4 n/a Status LEDs (NVRAM, power, and server), and Power and Reset buttons.
5 and 6 n/a 2 Plastic handles.
Do not lift the server by these handles.
7 n/a 2 Holes for mounting the power supply cable retention clasps.
8 Power supply units:



2 Connect to the rack's Fault group:
  • PSU 1 to Fault group A
  • PSU 2 to Fault group B
9 I/O ports Keyboard (purple) and mouse (green) ports. (Reserved for Customer Service Engineer access only.)
10 I/O ports 2 USB port. (Reserved for Customer Service Engineer access only.)
11 IPMI port 1 Can be used for Remote Management. For further information, visit Hitachi Support Connect.
12 RS-232 1 Management interface. (Reserved for Customer Service Engineer access only.)
13 Video port 1 Video management interface port. (Reserved for Customer Service Engineer access only.)
14 ETH0 1000baseT Ethernet (gray logo) 1 External system management. Connect to the customer's management switch.
15 ETH1 1000baseT Ethernet (yellow logo) 1 Management port. Connect to the rack's internal Ethernet switch.