GE Ethernet network ports

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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The GE Ethernet Network ports are used to connect the server or cluster node to the customer's data network (also called the public network), and these ports may be aggregated into a single logical port (refer to the Network Administration Guide for more information on creating aggregations). GE ports operate at speeds of up to one (1) gigabit per second, and require the use of a standard RJ45 cable connector.

The GE Customer Ethernet Network ports are labeled as shown next:

Figure. GE Customer Ethernet Network Ports Label

Once connected, each GE port has two indicator LEDs; one green and one amber. These LEDs provide link status and network activity status information as follows:
Status/Activity (Per Port) Meaning
Status Green

(On, not flashing)

1 Gbps link present
Green Flashing 1 Gbps link standby in a redundant configuration
Green Off No link
Activity Amber Flashing Network activity
Amber Off No network activity