10/100 private Ethernet ports

NAS Platform and Unified Storage Series 4000 Hardware Reference

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The 10/100 Private Ethernet Network ports function as an unmanaged switch for the private management network (refer to the Network Administration Guide for more information on the private management network). These ports are used by the server and other devices (such as an external SMU and other cluster nodes) to form the private management network. There are no internal connections to the server from these ports; instead, when joining a server to the private management network, you must connect from one of these ports to the management interface port on the server.

The 10/100 ports operate at speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, and require the use of a standard RJ45 cable connector.

The 10/100 Private Management Ethernet Network ports are labeled as shown next:
Figure. 10/100 Private Management Network Ethernet Ports Label

Once connected, each 10/100 port has two indicator LEDs; one green and one amber. These LEDs provide link status and network activity status information as follows:

Status/Activity (Per Port) Meaning
Status Green

(On, not flashing)

10 or 100 Mbps link present
Green Off No link
Activity Amber Flashing Network activity
Amber Off No network activity