About external data migration paths

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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External data migration paths are not defined through NAS Manager. Instead, CLI commands are used to specify the path to external secondary storage. These commands are:
  • migration-add-external-path
  • migration-change-external-path
  • migration-delete-external-path
  • migration-expand-external-path

For information about these commands, refer to the Command Line Reference, or the man page for each command.

You should specify a unique external path for each file system being migrated to a remote server.

After an external migration path has been defined, it will be visible and available for selection in the NAS Manager Data Migration Paths page.

Note: Do not define an external migration path from one EVS in a cluster to another EVS in the same cluster. The reason for this restriction is that it would be dangerous to try to migrate from one EVS of a cluster to another EVS of the same cluster. If the destination (target) EVS fails during the migration, it could fail over to the same node as the source EVS, which would cause all the migrated files to become inaccessible.

After the external migration path has been configured using the CLI, all remaining external migration management tasks may be performed through NAS Manager, including specifying migration policies, rules, and schedules.

Note: When adding external migration paths, make sure that the remote server's IP address or host name is correct and, if using a host name, make sure that the host name is resolvable (fully qualified domain names are also acceptable).