Viewing Cloud Account Details

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can view cloud account details in the NAS Manager.

  1. Navigate to Home > Storage Management > Cloud Accounts and Destinations.
  2. In the Cloud Accounts section of the page, select the account to view and then click Details to open the Cloud Account Details page.

    The following table describes the fields on this page:

    Field/Item Description
    Cloud Account Name The name of the cloud account.
    Provider The cloud account provider.

    The supported providers are:

    • Hitachi Content Platform
    • Hitachi Content Platform (S3)
    • Amazon S3
    • Microsoft Azure
    • S3 Cloud Object Storage
    • Test Provider

    If you are using HCP, it is possible to switch between the Hitachi Content Platform and the Hitachi Content Platform (S3) cloud providers using this page. Both providers use the same credentials and configuration options. The only difference between the two providers is the method used for file uploads and downloads. The Hitachi Content Platform (S3) cloud provider uses multi-part upload functionality. This option increases performance when using encryption or compression on HCP S series storage with Data Migrator to Cloud. See the Data Migrator Administration Guide for further information.

    Server Name
    • For Hitachi Content Platform and Hitachi Content Platform (S3), the server name is the URI of the name space.
    • For Amazon S3, the server name is
    • For Microsoft Azure, the server name is
    • For S3 Cloud Object Storage, enter the endpoint name manually (for IBM see
    User Credential For Hitachi Content Platform and Hitachi Content Platform (S3), this is the user name of a Data Access Account. For Amazon S3 and S3 Cloud Object Storage, this is the access key and for Microsoft Azure, this is the primary key.
    Secret Credential The secret credential or key, shown with asterisks.