Introduction to HCP no delete feature

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The HCP "no delete" feature adds an extra level of data protection by delaying deletion of archived data on HCP even if the primary XVL is deleted. In HNAS version 12.1 and higher, the HCP no delete feature sets a retention on the object for a user-defined interval in the future, after which the disposition service will eventually delete it.

If an XVL is accidently deleted that represents a file that has been uploaded to HCP by Data Migrator to Cloud and no instance of the XVL exists in an HNAS file system snapshot, HCP retains the object in its namespace for a user-defined period of time rather than issuing the purge. If the accidental deletion is recognized in time, the file can be retrieved manually from HCP back to the HNAS file system. The decision whether to purge or retain a file upon deletion of the XVL depends on the presence of a retention class in the HCP namespace. After the retention period expires, the HCP disposition service will automatically clean up these files from the namespace.