HCP no delete functionality

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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To use this feature, create a retention class on HCP for the target namespace.

HNAS sets the retention to the specified offset instead of deleting the object.

Note: This is not the default retention setting. Default retention setting deletes the object after a certain interval. The HCP no delete feature sets a retention value on HNAS in the place of deleting the object.

When the retention class is created and an XVL is deleted on HNAS (or last snapshot ages out), Data Migrator to Cloud will set the retention value on the object on HCP. You have that period to retrieve file from HCP if deletion was accidental. The next figure gives an example of the retention timeframe.

The HCP Disposition service periodically runs to delete files for which the retention period has expired so that they do not remain permanently on HCP.

The HCP log will show disposition running and how many files it purged.