Data Migrator to Cloud overview

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Data Migrator to Cloud supports both public and private clouds.

A storage cloud is a pool of cost-effective, elastic, persistent storage accessible through some variant of the HTTPS protocol that provides reasonable access performance for uploading and downloading archived files. Combining Cross-Volume Link (CVL-2) technology with cloud storage provides a near seamless archiving experience.

A public cloud is provided by external entities hosting storage at their facility and paid for on a per-use basis. A private cloud is purchased and controlled by the end user.

With Data Migrator to Cloud, you can access the cloud storage directly to view and download data, and by accessing the files through the file system. In both scenarios data is protected both in-flight and at-rest regardless of where the physical storage is hosted.

Data Migrator to Cloud is similar in look and feel to Data Migrator whereby you must configure paths, rules, policies, and schedules for a file system. Data Migrator to Cloud also introduces the concepts of an account whereby the you enter credentials for the cloud target, and a destination, which is the location on the cloud in which the archived files are to be placed.

A license is required to use the Data Migrator to Cloud for non-HCP targets. Contact customer support to purchase a license.