Checking and setting the status of aggregate ports for Data Migrator to Cloud

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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In most cases, the default configuration of the ports should be sufficient and you will not need to take any action. To check the current data transfer mode that Cloud Gateway is running, issue the following CLI command:


  • If this is the first time you are using Data Migrator to Cloud, the system will send data through the aggregate ports with zero copy for the local HCP cloud target.
  • If you currently have Data Migrator to Cloud configured and running, the default will continue to be management ports. You have the option to switch and send data through the aggregate ports. If you decide to use aggregate ports, you must first ensure that the route exists. Once you confirm that the route exists, issue one of the following CLI commands:
    • migration-cloud-service-mode-set -a to transfer data through the aggregate ports.
    • migration-cloud-service-mode-set -z to transfer data at a higher outgoing performance rate through the aggregate ports for local HCP target servers.

For more information on the CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference

Tagged VLANs are supported with Data Migrator to Cloud. For information on VLANs, link aggregations, and adding aggregations, see the Network Administration Guide.

Note: Multi-tenancy is currently not supported when using network aggregates.