Virtualization or migration does not complete

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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  1. Check the virtualization-path-list command to see if there are any failed files.
    Note: The virtualization-path-files command could take some time to complete.
  2. Check the event log. The migration may not have completed due to insufficient space on HNAS, in which case it will pause and there will be no failed files.
  3. If step 1 shows failed files, identify the problematic files with the virtualization-path-files command.
    1. virtualization-path-files Inspect the files on the LNAS to ensure that they are correct in that file system.
    2. Use remote-nfs-errors to gain insight as to why they may have failed.
    3. virtualization-path-files --list-failed may just show "/" (that is, root).
  4. Fix problems, if they are not obvious, then the following strategies should allow you to continue.
    1. For failed files during virtualization, move the failing file out of the exported directory on the LNAS. Manually copy it over to the HNAS.
    2. For failed files during migration, remove the failing file from the HNAS. Manually copy the LNAS version of the file over to the HNAS.
  5. Once you think that you have fixed the problems use the virtualization-path-files command to retry the failed files.
    It is recommended that if it is only virtualization that has failed and migration has not been started, it may be simplest to delete the virtualization path and start again - all data is still contained on the LNAS at this point.