Hitachi NAS Universal Migrator Terms

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Refer to the following list of terms used for the Hitachi NAS Universal Migrator.

  • Association - The configured connection between a mount point on the LNAS and a directory in a file system on the NAS. An association is also referred to as a virtualization path.
  • Excluded directories - The user-defined list of directories that will not be created on the virtualized file system.
  • NAS - The Hitachi Vantara NAS system that will hold the data, after migration.
  • IngestedFile - An object (directory or file) in the NAS file system that is in the process of being virtualized or migrated. As such, it contains extra metadata (compared to a regular file/directory), but incomplete or absent user data. In some ways (principally user data read/write access) an IngestedFile can be thought of as behaving similarly to an XVL. The extra metadata is necessary for two reasons:
    1. To keep track of the current virtualization/migration state of the file.
    2. To maintain a link to the LNAS version of the file.
  • LNAS - The pre-existing "legacy" NAS system that holds the data to be migrated.
  • Migration - The process of bringing user data for an object from the LNAS to the NAS.
  • Regular file/directory - The normal type of object (a file or directory) in the NAS WFS file system.
  • Virtualization - The process of discovering an object on the LNAS, and creating an IngestedFile to represent the LNAS object in the file system.
  • XVL - External cross volume link.