Data Migrator to Cloud Environment Variables

Data Migrator Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Data Migrator to Cloud provides two settings to control when migrated files are recalled from a cloud target. When using HCP as a cloud target, the files residing on HCP cannot be modified and can only be deleted. It is desirable to have the ability to modify migrated files. When enabled, the system will recall the file to the local file system when it is modified. The file can then be migrated back to HCP when the data migrator policy next runs and it meets the migration criteria defined in the data migrator policy.

Currently the system may not be able to recall all files that are being modified; this may result in an error. This is application dependent. Applications known to work are Microsoft Office applications. To provide better support for recall on write, the system has another variable, xvl-auto-recall-on-read, and when enabled, this setting will recall all files when read. Because the file will already reside locally on the system, all modifications will occur successfully.
Note: These variables are global cluster-wide settings. Global Solutions and Services recommends that these variables are not enabled when existing non-cloud HCP configurations are in use with other file systems.
Important: When xvl-auto-recall-on-read is enabled, replications will recall all migrated files.

To enable recall on write, set the environment variable xvl-auto-recall-on-modify through the CLI to true.

For example:

set xvl-auto-recall-on-modify true

To enable recall on read, set the environment variable xvl-auto-recall-on-read through the CLI to true.

For example:

set xvl-auto-recall-on-read true

Both of these variables take effect immediately.