Fibre Channel connections

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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  • The number and operational speed of Fibre Channel (FC) ports on a NAS server are dependent on the server model. Refer to the hardware manual for your server model for more information on the number, operational speed, and location of FC ports on your NAS server.
  • The ports on the HNAS 5000 series are in reverse order from prior gateways.
    • Left to right: FC 4-3-2-1
    • Earlier generations were FC 1-2-3-4

Hitachi NAS Platform servers

Each HNAS server supports up to four independently configurable FC ports. Independent configuration allows you to connect to a range of storage systems, which allows you to choose the configuration that best meets the application requirements. The server manages all back-end storage as a single system, through an integrated network management interface.

Hitachi NAS Platform server model Supported FC port operational speeds
3080, 3090, 3100, and 4040 1, 2, or 4 Gbps
4060, 4080, and 4100 2, 4, or 8 Gbps
5200, 5300 4, 8, or 16 Gbps
The server supports connecting to storage systems either through direct-attached FC connections to the storage system (also called DAS connections) or FC switches connected to the storage system (also called SAN configurations):
  • In direct-attached (DAS) configurations, you can connect up to two storage systems directly to a server or a two-node cluster. Clusters of more than two nodes must use a FC switch configuration.
  • In configurations using FC switches (SAN configurations), the server must be configured for N_Port operation (when not using the 5000 series).
    • N_Port is the only operational mode on the 5000 series.
    • Contact customer support for more information on supported FC switch interoperability.

You can manage the FC interface on the server/cluster through the command line interface (CLI), using the following commands:

  • fc-link to enable or disable the FC link.
  • fc-link-type to change the FC link type. (This command is not available on the 5000 series because only N_Port is supported).
  • fc-link-speed to change the FC interface speed. (Only the HNAS 5000 series supports Auto Negotiation, which is the default setting.)

For more information about these commands, refer to the Command Line Reference.

VSP F/G/Nx00 servers with NAS modules

Depending on the model, your NAS module server may contain 8 Gbps and/or 16 Gbps FC ports for the block connectivity. NAS module connectivity is by FC protocol over PCIe. Refer to the Hardware Reference Guide for your VSP Gx00 or Fx00 model server for more information about the FC ports for block connectivity, and contact Hitachi Vantara Customer Support for information about using the ports.