Creating a storage pool using the CLI

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can use the CLI to create storage pools.
Note: For detailed information about the span-create command, see the CLI man pages. To create smaller filesystems, use the CLI instead of the GUI as it enables the use of smaller chunks.
On the HNAS system, use the span-create command to create a storage pool using the SDs from the DP-Vols (on storage). For more information about the span-create command, refer to the Command Line Reference.
If you are using HDP:
  • To avoid server timeouts when creating a new NAS server storage pool, wait for the HDP pool to finish formatting before creating the NAS server storage pool.

    If the HDP pool has finished formatting, but the NAS server does not detect the new DP-Vols, run the scsi-refresh command so the NAS server will detect the new DP-Vols, though this should not be necessary when HMO 7 is enabled on the target port host group.

  • If you are using HDP thin provisioning, list all the SDs in the initial span-create command. Do not run a single span-create command, then a series of span-expand commands.