Adding the metadata tier

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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If you created a tiered storage pool, but only defined the SDs for the user data tier (Tier 1), you must now create the metadata tier (Tier 0).
Note: You can convert an untiered storage pool to a tiered storage pool using the span-tier command. For more information about this command, refer to the Command Line Reference.

To add a tier to a storage pool:

  1. Navigate to Home > Storage Management > Storage Pools.
    Storage Pools
  2. Select the storage pool to which you want to add the tier. Click details to display the Storage Pool Details page.
  3. Click the Add a Tier link to display the Storage Pool Wizard page.
  4. Select the SDs to make up the metadata tier.
    Using the Storage Pool Wizard page, select the SDs for the tier from the list of available SDs on the page. To select an SD for the tier, select the check box next to the SD ID Label in the first column. Verify your settings, and then click next to display a summary page.
  5. Review and apply settings.
    The summary page displays the settings that will be used to create the storage pool/tier.

    If you have already created mirrored SDs for disaster preparedness or replication purposes, and you want the server to be aware of the mirror relationship, select the Look For Synchronously Mirrored System Drives check box.

    Note: Before selecting the Look For Synchronously Mirrored System Drives check box, you must have finished configuring the mirrored SDs using the RAID tools appropriate for the system hosting the mirrored SDs. For example, for Hitachi Vantara storage systems, you would use True Copy to create the mirrored SDs.
    Note: The Look For Synchronously Mirrored System Drives check box is used only when setting up mirrored SD relationships using Hitachi TrueCopy. The Look For Synchronously Mirrored System Drives check box is not used with Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) or global-active device (GAD) software.

    Once you have reviewed the information, click add to create the second tier of the storage pool.

    Note: After the storage pool has been created, it can be filled with file systems.
  6. Complete the creation of the storage pool or tier.
    After clicking add (in the last step), you will see a confirmation dialog.

    You can now click yes to create a file system, or click no to return to the Storage Pools page. If you click yes to create a file system, the Create File System page will appear.