Upgrading from older HNAS systems

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Any pre-existing storage pool (span in the CLI) should be left thickly provisioned after a recent upgrade.

Note: Run span-unmap-vacated-chunks --unused-chunks to reclaim space from any deleted file systems and wait for the zero initialization to finish. Thin provisioning can safely be used once the total space used on the pool equals the total size of the file systems on the storage pool.

When upgrading from an older version of an HNAS system, be aware that certain conditions produce the results and restrictions described in this section.

The conditions:
  • A storage pool (span in the CLI) that was created in an earlier release violates the restriction that SDs in each stripeset must come from one HDP pool.
  • A storage pool (span) contains a mixture of HDP DP-Vols and plain parity groups. This configuration is unsupported.

The following results are produced:

  • Events are logged at boot time
  • The span-list and trouble span will issue warnings
  • Some operations fail cleanly, for example:
    • You cannot create a file system
    • You cannot expand a file system
    • You cannot delete a file system
  • You can still load Cod
  • You can still mount file systems
Note: span-hdp-thickly-provisioned will waive the usual rules if you will never use thin provisioning on the DP pool that hosts the span.