Enabling maximum file size for virus scanning

Antivirus Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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With release 12.5 and later, you can enable a maximum file size using CLI commands.

Use this procedure to enable the maximum file size setting, so that files above that size will be excluded from scanning by antivirus servers.

Note that the management of the maximum file size setting is on a per-EVS basis.

Relationship with inclusion/exclusion lists:
  • If the inclusion list is used, the file must be of a type in the inclusion list.
  • If the exclusion list is used, the file type must not be in the exclusion list.
  1. The maximum file size setting is disabled by default. Set the value to be used for the maximum file size setting before enabling the maximum file size.
    The default value is 1 MB. The maximum file size setting can be set using numeric values with a unit (B, KB, MB, GB, KiB, MiB, GiB). If there is no unit, it is assumed to be Bytes (B). The maximum value you may use for this setting is 15 EiB.
    virusscan-max-file-size-set <size>
  2. Enable the maximum file size setting.
  3. Check the state of the maximum file size setting and its current value.
  4. If you want to disable the maximum file size setting: