Enabling an exclusion list

Antivirus Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can enable an exclusion list using CLI commands.

It is preferable to use these commands to configure excluded files rather than updating the configuration on the Antivirus server. In ICAP mode, files excluded by the Antivirus server cannot be distinguished from those that scan cleanly and so the count of excluded scans would not be updated correctly. Use this procedure to enable an exclusion list of file types that will be excluded from scanning by antivirus servers.

Note that the management of an exclusion list is on a per-EVS basis.

  1. Add file types to the exclusion list by using virussscan-exclusion-list-add CLI command.
    virussscan-exclusion-list-add BAT,COM,DOC,EXE,PPT
    There must be no whitespace between consecutive types. 250 entries can be added to the exclusion list.
  2. Enable the exclusion list by using the virussscan-exclusion-list-enable command.
    File types can also be removed, and the list can be disabled and cleared. See the man pages for:
    • virussscan-exclusion-list-remove
    • virussscan-exclusion-list-disable
    • virussscan-exclusion-list-clear