Upgrade the product subscription

Digital Marketplace Buyer's Guide

Part Number

You can upgrade your subscription to the next available edition from the marketplace.

For the free Trial edition, Hitachi Marketplace sends an email as a reminder when the free trial is close to the expiration date. The email includes information on the expiration date, the number of days left before the expiration, and links to upgrade to the next available subscription.

To upgrade, click Update Edition or the suggested link in the mail. You are directed to the marketplace, where you can upgrade to the next available edition.

  1. On your product page, click Manage App.
  2. Click Update Subscription to view the available subscriptions.

    Update Subscription to the next available edition

  3. Click the next available edition. For example, if you currently have a Demo edition, click Trial or POC.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Review the details.
  6. Click to agree to the service terms, privacy and refund policies, and place the order.
    You are now upgraded to the new edition and will receive an email with the subscription details for the upgraded edition.
    To access the upgraded product, click Go to MyApps. You can see all the subscribed products under MyApps.