View the product details

Digital Marketplace Buyer's Guide

Part Number

You can review the product details on the marketplace before making a purchase. The company name associated with the product appears below the product name.

Product information includes the following:

Read the product description and watch the video if available.
View the advantages that the product offers.
View the characteristics or specifications of the product.
View the plans and detailed product pricing offered by Hitachi. You can find the following product editions based on the availability:
  • Demo – You can try the product for free before selecting a subscription. The Demo edition provides a shared environment with read-only access to multiple users. You cannot upload your data in the Demo edition.
  • Trial – You can use the product for free for a limited period, for example 30 days. After which, you have to end the subscription or choose a paid subscription. Based on the product availability, the Trial edition is made available in one of the following ways:
    • You are assigned a dedicated instance with write access. After the limited period, the Trial instance is deleted. You cannot upload your data in the Trial edition.
    • You are directed to the URL configured for the Trial edition.
  • POC - You can subscribe to the POC (Proof of Concept) edition and download the product specific to your operating system. You can use the product for free for a limited period, after which you can choose a paid subscription.
  • Purchase - You can click Contact Us. A form opens to collect your information or you will be directed to the product website.
View the opinions or feedback from other customers to get a clear idea of the product before purchasing. Also, you can add your reviews. For more information, see Add a review.
Find the product specific documentation links to get immediate assistance for your product.
View the products and services available for a solution. This option is shown only for a solution.