Managing diagnostics using the CLI

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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weka diags


weka local diags

The command weka diags is used for cluster-wide diagnostics from any host in the cluster. The weka local diags command creates diagnostics information about the Content Software for File software and saves it for further analysis by customer support.

The commands can be run with the following options:

weka [local] diags <--collect|--upload> [--pack-to dir]

When weka local diags receives a directory using the -o option, the diagnostics dump of the host is moved to that directory on completion of the collection process.

Note: In the following situations the local option should be used: when no functioning manager in the originating host or the hosts being addressed or when there is no connectivity between the manager and the cluster leader, the cluster has no leader, the local container is down, the host cannot reach the leader or a remote host fails to respond to the weka diags remote command.