Fetching files from an object store using the CLI

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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Tiered files are always accessible and should generally be treated like regular files. Moreover, while files may be tiered, their metadata is always maintained on the SSDs. This allows traversing files and directories without worrying about how such operations may affect performance.

Sometimes, it's necessary to access previously-tiered files quickly. In such situations, it is possible to request the Content Software for File system to fetch the files back to the SSD without accessing them directly. This is performed using the prefetch command, which can be issued via the weka fs tier fetch command, as follows:


weka fs tier fetch

Use the following command to release files:

weka fs tier fetch <path> [-v]


Name Type Value Limitations Mandatory Default
path A comma-separated list of string List of file paths   Yes  
-v, -- verbose Boolean Showing fetch requests as they are submitted   No Off