Creating a snapshot using the CLI

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weka fs snapshot create

Use the following command line to add a snapshot:

weka fs snapshot create <file-system> <name> [<access-point>] [--source-snap=<source>] [--is-writable]
Table. Parameters
Name Type Value Limitations Mandatory Default
file-system String A valid filesystem identifier Must be a valid name Yes
name String Unique name for filesystem snapshot Must be a valid name Yes
access-point String Name of newly-created directory for filesystem level snapshots, which will serve as the access point for the snapshots Must be a valid name No Controlled by weka fs snapshot access-point-naming-convention update-<date/name>. By default it is <date> format: @GMT_%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S which is compatible with previous versions of Windows.
source String Must be an existing snapshot Must be a valid name No The snapshot name of the specified filesystem.
is_writable Boolean Sets the created snapshot to be writable No False