Joining an SMB cluster to an Active Directory using the CLI

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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weka smb domain join

Use the following command line to join the SMB cluster to an Active Directory domain:

weka smb domain join <username> <password> [--server server] [--create-computer create-computer]
Note: Ensure the AD servers are resolvable to all Content Software for File servers. This resolution enables the Content Software for File servers to join the AD domain.


Name Type Value Limitation Mandatory Default
username String Name of a user with permissions to add a machine to the domain Must be a valid name (ASCII) Yes  
password String The password of the AD user. This password is not retained or cached. Must be a valid password (ASCII) Yes  
server   Content Software for File identifies the AD server automatically based on the AD name. You do not need to set the server name. In some cases, if required, specify the AD server. Not applicable for SMB-W yet. The AD server is automatically identified based on the AD name.    
create-computer   The default AD organizational unit (OU) for the computer account is the computer's directory. You can define any OU to create the computer account in - that the joining account has permissions to - such as SMB Servers or Corporate Computers. Not applicable for SMB-W yet. The computer's directory    

In order to join another Active Directory to the current SMB cluster configuration, it is necessary to leave the current Active Directory. This is performed using the following command line:

weka smb domain leave <username> <password>

On completion of this operation, it is possible to join another Active Directory to the SMB cluster.

Note: To configure a new SMB cluster, the current SMB cluster has to be deleted.