Mounting a filesystem using the traditional method

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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Note: Using the mount command as explained below first requires the installation of the Content Software for File client, configuring the client, and joining it to a Content Software for File cluster.

To mount a filesystem on one of the cluster hosts, let’s assume the cluster has a filesystem called demo. To add this filesystem to a host, SSH into one of the hosts and run the mount command as the root user, as follows:

mkdir -p /mnt/weka/demo
mount -t wekafs demo /mnt/weka/demo

The general structure of a mount command for a Content Software for File filesystem is:

mount -t wekafs [-o option[,option]...]] <fs-name> <mount-point>

There are two options for mounting a filesystem on a cluster client: read cache and write cache. For more information on the differences between these modes, see read cache and write cache mount modes in the Hitachi Content Software for File User Guide.