Set mount option default values

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The defaults of the mount options qos_max_throughput_mbps and qos_preferred_throughput_mbps have no limit.

The cluster admin can set these default values to meet the organization's requirements, reset to the initial default values (no limit), or show the existing values.

The mount option defaults are only relevant for new mounts performed and do not influence the existing ones.


weka cluster mount-defaults set
weka cluster mount-defaults reset
weka cluster mount-defaults show

To set the mount option default values, run the following command:

weka cluster mount-defaults set [--qos-max-throughput qos-max-throughput] [--qos-preferred-throughput qos-preferred-throughput]


Option Value Description
qos_max_throughput Number Sets the default value for the qos_max_throughput_mbps option, which is the max requests rate for QoS in megabytes per second
qos_preferred_throughput Number Sets the default value for the qos_preferred_throughput_mbps option, which is the preferred requests rate for QoS in megabytes per second.