Advanced mounting options for multiple physical network devices

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With multiple Frontend processes (as expressed by -o num_cores), it is possible to control what processes use what NICs. This can be accomplished through the use of special command line modifiers called slots. In WekaFS, slot is synonymous with a process number. Typically, the first WekaFS Frontend process will occupy slot 1, then the second slot 2 and so on.

Examples of slot notation include s1, s2, s2+1, s1-2, slots1+3, slot1, slots1-4, where - specifies a range of devices, while + specifies a list. For example, s1-4 implies slots 1, 2, 3 and 4, while s1+4 specifies slots 1 and 4 only. For example, in the following command, mlnx0 is bound to the second Frontend process while mlnx1 to the first one for improved performance.
mount -t wekafs -o num_cores=2 -o net:s2=mlnx0,net:s1=mlnx1 backend1/my_fs /mnt/weka

For example, in the following HA mounting command, two cores (two Frontend processes) and two physical network devices (mlnx0, mlnx1) are allocated. By explicitly specifying s2+1, s1-2 modifiers for network devices, both devices will be used by both Frontend processes. Notation s2+1 stands for the first and second processes, while s1-2 stands for the range of 1 to 2, and are effectively the same.

mount -t wekafs -o num_cores=2 -o net:s2+1=mlnx0,net:s1-2=mlnx1 backend1/my_fs -o mgmt_ip= /mnt/weka