IP, subnet, gateway, and virtual functions

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For higher performance, the usage of multiple Frontends may be required. When using a NIC other than Mellanox or Intel E810, or when mounting a DPDK client on a VM, it is required to use SR-IOV to expose a VF of the physical device to the client. Once exposed, it can be configured via the mount command.

When you want to determine the VFs IP addresses, or when the client resides in a different subnet and routing is needed in the data network, use:


The ip, bits, gateway parameters are optional. In case they are not provided, the Content Software for File system tries to deduce them when in IB environments or allocate from the default data network otherwise. If both approaches fail, the mount command will fail.

For example, the following command will allocate two cores and a single physical network device (intel0). It will configure two VFs for the device and assign each one of them to one of the frontend nodes. The first node will receive IP address, and the second will use IP address. Both of the IPs have a 24 network mask bits and default gateway of
mount -t wekafs -o num_cores=2 -o net=intel0/ backend1/my_fs /mnt/weka