Editing an object store bucket using the CLI

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weka fs tier s3 update

Use the following command line to edit an object store bucket:

weka fs tier s3 update <name> [--new-name=<new-name>] [--new-obs-name new-obs-name] [--hostname=<hostname>] [--port=<port> [--bucket=<bucket>] [--auth-method=<auth-method>] [--region=<region>] [--access-key-id=<access-key-id>] [--secret-key=<secret-key>] [--protocol=<protocol>] [--bandwidth=<bandwidth>] [--download-bandwidth=<download-bandwidth>] [--upload-bandwidth=<upload-bandwidth>] [--errors-timeout=<errors-timeout>] [--prefetch-mib=<prefetch-mib>] [--enable-upload-tags=<enable-upload-tags>]


Name Type Value Limitations Mandatory Default
name String Name of the object store being edited Must be a valid name Yes
new-name String New name for the object store Must be a valid name No
new-obs-name String New name of the object-store to add this object-store bucket to Must be an existing object-store, with the same site value. No  
hostname String Object store host identifier Must be a valid name/IP No
port String Object store port Must be a valid name No
bucket String Object store bucket name Must be a valid name No  
auth-method String Authentication method None, AWSSignature2 or AWSSignature4 No
region String Region name No
access-key-id String Object-store bucket access key ID No
secret-key String Object-store bucket secret key No
protocol String Protocol type to be used HTTP, HTTPS or HTTPS_UNVERIFIED No  
bandwidth Number Bandwidth limitation per core (Mbps) No
download-bandwidth Number Bucket download bandwidth limitation per core (Mbps)   No  
upload-bandwidth Number Bucket upload bandwidth limitation per core (Mbps)   No  
errors-timeout   If the object-store link is down for longer than this timeout period, all IOs that need data return with an error 1-15 minutes, e.g: 5m or 300s No  
prefetch-mib   How many MiB of data to prefetch when reading a whole MiB on the object store   No  
Z enable-upload-tags String Whether to enable object-tagging or not true or false No