Deleting a filesystem using the CLI

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weka fs delete

Use the following command line to delete a filesystem:

weka fs delete <name> [--purge-from-obs]


Name Type Value Limitations Mandatory Default
name String Name of the filesystem to be deleted Must be a valid name Yes
purge-from-obs Boolean For a tiered filesystem, if set, all filesystem data is deleted from the object store bucket. No False
Note: Using purge-from-obs will remove all data from the object-store. This includes any backup data or snapshots created from this filesystem (if this filesystem has been downloaded from a snapshot of a different filesystem, it will leave the original snapshot data intact).
  • If any of the removed snapshots have been (or are) downloaded and used by a different filesystem, that filesystem will stop functioning correctly, data might be unavailable and errors might occur when accessing the data.

It is possible to either un-tier or migrate such a filesystem to a different object store bucket before deleting the snapshots it has downloaded.