Mount options overview

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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The CSI Plugin empowers you with mount options, allowing you to customize how Content Software for File FS volumes are presented to pods. This enables granular control over storage behavior, optimizing performance and data management for containerized workloads.

Mount options are key-value pairs specified during volume mounting that modify the default filesystem or storage provider behavior. These settings influence caching, data integrity, filesystem limits, and more.

When to use mount options:

  • Tailor performance: Optimize caching strategies for read-heavy or write-intensive workloads (noatime, readcache).
  • Enhance data integrity: Enforce data consistency and reliability (example: sync).
  • Customize behavior: Adjust settings like filesystem size limits for specific use cases (example: fstype).
  • Troubleshoot issues: Fine-tune settings to resolve performance bottlenecks or compatibility problems.