Deactivating a drive using the CLI

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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weka cluster drive deactivate

Running this command will redistribute the stored data on the remaining drives and can be performed on multiple drives.

Note: After running this command, the deactivated drives will still appear in the list.
Note: It is not possible to deactivate a drive if it will lead to an unstable state, that is, if the system capacity after drive deactivation is insufficient for the SSD capacity of currently-provisioned filesystems.

Drive deactivation starts an asynchronous process known as phasing out, which is a gradual redistribution of the data between the remaining drives in the system. On completion, the phased-out drive is in an inactive state, that is, not in use by the Content Software for File system, but still appearing in the list of drives.

Note: Running the weka cluster drive command will display whether the redistribution is still being performed.

To deactivate a drive, run the following command:

weka cluster drive deactivate <uuids>


Name Type Value Limitations Mandatory Default
uuids Comma-separated strings Comma-separated drive identifiers   Yes