Dynamic modifications using the CLI

Content Software for File CLI Reference

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Most modifications to host configurations can be performed dynamically, without deactivating the host. Such configurations include the addition or removal of memory and network resources, changing IPs, extending network subnets and limiting the Content Software for File system bandwidth on the host.

All these changes can be performed using the relevant weka cluster hostcommand. Once this command is used with a specific host-idselected, it will be staged for update on the cluster. To view the un-applied configuration, use the weka cluster host resources <host-id> command. To apply the changes, use the weka cluster host apply <host-ids> command. You can also apply these changes locally using the weka local resources apply command.

The last local configuration (of a host that successfully joined a cluster) is saved. If a failure/problem occurs with the new configuration, the host will automatically revert to the last known good configuration. To view this configuration, use the weka cluster host resources <host-id> --stable command.