RDMA and GPUDirect storage

Content Software for File User Guide

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GPUDirect Storage enables a direct data path between storage and GPU memory. GPUDirect Storage avoids extra copies through a bounce buffer in the CPU’s memory. It allows a direct memory access (DMA) engine near the NIC or storage to move data directly into or out of GPU memory without burdening the CPU or GPU.

When RDMA and GPUDirect storage are enabled, the Content Software for File system automatically uses the RDMA data path and GPUDirect Storage in supported environments. When the system identifies it can use RDMA, both in UDP and DPDK modes, it employs the use for workload it can benefit from RDMA (with regards to IO size: 32K+ for reads and 256K+ for writes).

By leveraging RDMA/GPUDirect Storage, you can achieve enhanced performance. A UDP client, which doesn't necessitate dedicating a core to the WEKA system, can yield significantly higher performance. Additionally, a DPDK client can receive an extra performance boost. Alternatively, in DPDK mode, you can assign fewer cores to the WEKA system while maintaining the same level of performance.