Configuration guidelines

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DPDK backends and clients using NICs supporting shared IP:
  • Require one IP address per client for both management and data plane.
  • SR-IOV enabled is not required.
DPDK backends and clients using NICs supporting non-shared IP:
  • IP address for management: One per NIC (configured before WEKA installation).
  • IP address for data plane: One per WEKA core in each server (applied during cluster initialization).
  • Virtual Functions (VFs):
    • Ensure the device supports a maximum number of VFs greater than the number of physical cores on the server.
    • Set the number of VFs to match the cores you intend to dedicate to WEKA.
    • Note that some BIOS configurations may be necessary.
  • SR-IOV: Enabled in BIOS.
UDP clients:
Use a single IP address for all purposes.