External backup of data

Content Software for File User Guide

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Suppose it is required to recover data stored on a Content Software for File filesystem due to a complete or partial loss of the data within it. You can use a data snapshot saved to an object store to recreate the same data in the snapshot on the same or another Content Software for File cluster.

This use case supports backup in any of the following Content Software for File system deployment modes:

Local Object Store
The Content Software for File cluster and object store are close to each other and will be highly performant during data recovery operations. The Content Software for File cluster can recover a filesystem from any snapshot on the object store for which it has a reference locator.
Remote Object Store
The Content Software for File cluster and object store are located in different geographic locations, typically with longer latencies between them. In such a deployment, you can send snapshots to both local and remote object stores.
Note: This deployment type requires supporting the latency of hundreds of milliseconds. For performance issues on Snap-To-Object tiering cross-interactions/resonance, contact customer support.
Local Object Store Replicating to a Remote Object Store
A local object store in one datacenter replicates data to another object store using the object store system features, such as AWS S3 cross-region replication.
This deployment provides both integrated tiering and Snap-To-Object local high performance between the Content Software for File object store and the additional object store. The object store manages the data replication, enabling data survival in multiple regions.
Note: This deployment requires ensuring that the object store system perfectly replicates all objects on time to ensure consistency across regions.